September, 2014


At our regular meeting in June, I was installed as the master of the lodge along with the officers for the coming year.  My journey to the East has been a very interesting and rewarding experience.  It would be analogous to a journey down a river where you are carried by the flow of the water and at every corner or bend of the river you are exposed to the wonders and challenges of what lies ahead.  My travel to the East has been such a journey, as each step along the way, every corner or bend presented new and exciting knowledge and experience that I would encourage you to take advantage of.

We have a very enthusiastic and committed group of officers this year, who are eager to carry the responsibilities of their office.  They are looking forward to making this a year of fun and fellowship, of which our families will be a big part of the success. So, be on the lookout for updates on this.  To all the brethren that offered their nudges and gentle pushes, thank you.  To all the brethren and officers of Unity, it will be an honor and a privilege to serve as master of the lodge for the coming year with your help.

To our brethren and their families that are ill or in distressed circumstances, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


W. Bro. Bud Sukhu W.M.

December, 2013


I hope you all are doing great.

Our first meeting in November was a second degree exemplification. Permit me brethren to say that we can do better than we did. We are Unity Lodge, a Lodge well known for high standards during our ceremonies, let’s keep that up and if we have to practice more, we will.

On our past emergent meeting, W.Bro. Rafael Wulff brought a wonderful piece of education highlighting some of the esoteric meanings of Masonry. Very well done and presented by one of our very well versed brethren. Thanks W. Bro. Wulff.

Permit me brethren to express my pride for the excellent work Unity Lodge is doing in regards to Masonic Education. Speaking of which I’d like to have a Brother for the Emergent meeting in January to bring more Masonic knowledge to the table of Unity Lodge. I am taking names! Don’t be shy.

What is coming now is Past Master’s Night on our regular meeting in December. W.Bro James Coles will be leading the team to perform a MM Degree.

For our emergent meeting we’ll have our Santa Claus Degree and Brother J.W, W.Bro Coles will be preparing something fun for that night. Don’t miss it!

December is also our Christmas Party. Bring your children and help the team to deliver a great party for the little ones. Also remember we are going to visit Livonia Lodge on December 6, 7 8, our SW Bud Sukhu is taking care of it, so contact him please.

To the ill and distressed Brethren, our thoughts, and prayers are with you and yours

 W. Bro. Augusto Santana W.M. 


November, 2013


I hope you all are doing well, and preparing for the inevitable Ontario winter.   Our first meeting in October was an EA Degree for our newest Brother Reza Khoshdel.  We always are hopeful for our newly initiated brethren, and I invite all of the brethren to make his Masonic journey a memorable one.   Kudos to our new Brother and to the Unity Lodge Degree Team that expertly delivered the ceremony for him!

At our past emergent meeting, Bro. Bud Sukhu brought a brilliant piece of education which launched the brethren into a very interesting debate and brought forward ideas regarding Masonic practices. Thank you Bro. Sr. Warden !

What is coming now for Unity is a FC degree at The November Regular meeting and for our emergent one we’ll have a piece of education presented by W. Bro. Rafael Wulff.  I am very much looking forward to it !

Don’t forget to contact W. Bro. Bill Vance regarding the items we can purchase (jackets, hats, ties, etc etc) to celebrate Unity Lodge’s Fifty Anniversary.

Also, our Jr. Warden is selling the tickets for our Ladies Night coming in November.  Please contact him and let’s make a great night !  And also remember we are going to visit Livonia Lodge on December, our Sr. Warden taking care of it, so contact him please.

To the ill and distressed Brethren, our thoughts, and prayers are with you and yours.

W. Bro. Augusto Santana W.M.