September, 2018


I hope that all of you are having a fun and safe summer and ready to get back to the work of making good men great through the principles and teaching of our Masonic ideals. I would like to thank all of you for your support during my installation into King Solomon’s chair and I promise to do my best in the upcoming year, which by the number of applicants we have waiting to enter the craft and move forward, it will be a busy one. 

As you all know our first meeting is September 6 and we will be doing a first degree for the son of our Brother David Borgan.  Please make sure to come out and make it a memorable night for our candidate and our Brother, his Father! As a reminder, the banquet hour has returned to the end of the meetings so stick around and see what our good Junior Warden has cooking for us.   

I want to also thank Bros Vance and Hill for taking a look at our Web Site and getting it up and running.  We have more work to get it completely fined tuned, but good things are happening. Remember, this is OUR lodge and it depends on each member to make an effort to come to the meetings and participate in all areas.   I will be asking for and I know I will be able to count and each and every one of you to help out during the upcoming year.  

Worshipful Master

Ian Forbes